Who is Hygeia?

Hygeia’s Mission

Our mission is simple: to support breastfeeding moms through and through. We believe that babies and families can benefit from breastfeeding, and we exist to help families achieve their personal breastfeeding successes.


What Makes Hygeia Different

Hospital-Grade Performance – Unlike other manufacturers, all our personal-use electric breast pumps have the performance and hygienic features found in hospitals. Read more here.
Ecological – Because our pumps are closed system, they can be rented and shared between mothers who use their own pumping sets. Our commitment to the environment makes our pumps one of the “greenest” on the market. You can share your breast-pump with another mom when you’re done or return it to Hygeia for recycling or reuse.
WHO Code – Hygeia is one of the very few WHO Code compliant pump companies. That means that we support the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. Simply, we believe that breast milk is the normal way to feed human babies and choose to market our products without undermining breastfeeding in any way.
Support – Hygeia provides options for moms to obtain local support from a lactation consultant. Hygeia provides qualified referrals with trusted experts in local areas who can provide personal support. Your pump also comes with a LLLI membership that provides mother-to-mother support.
Value – Hygeia makes hospital-grade performance pumps that can moms can purchase or rent. Our pumps cost less upfront and are designed to be used for more than one baby.
BPA and DEHP Free – All pump parts that come in touch with breast milk are BPA- and DEHP- free – offering peace of mind for breastfeeding moms worried about chemicals.