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Should Lactation Consultations Be an Essential Health Benefit? Let the Department of Health and Human Services Know!


Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it always comes naturally.  When breastfeeding challenges arise, professional support from a lactation consultant (IBCLC) can make a world of difference for moms and babies struggling with breastfeeding.  Unfortunately many insurance plans do not cover lactation consultations, leaving families without access to breastfeeding support. During the month of […]

Two Campaigns Taking a Fresh Approach to Breastfeeding Promotion


We love seeing creative ideas to promote breastfeeding, so we’re excited about two campaigns using social media and peer support to encourage breastfeeding. The “Be a Star” campaign started in the UK in 2007 to increase breastfeeding rates among young moms.  According to their mission statement: Be A Star is a social marketing campaign that […]

IV Fluids Linked to Early Newborn Weight Loss


Most of us in the breastfeeding ‘biz’ have noticed an association of early newborn weight loss with an overload of IV fluids in mom’s system.  Now new research confirms this phenomenon.  Researchers in Canada have published their recent findings in The International Breastfeeding Journal. According to the Morning Post Exchange: “They found positive relationships both […]

What to Expect When You’re Breastfeeding Multiples


I’ve had multiples on my mind lately. Over the last few weeks, I have presented a curriculum for breastfeeding multiples classes at ILCA (the International Lactation Association Annual Conference), taught a breastfeeding class for eight families expecting twins this fall and have seen several moms and their twins in my office. Talk about seeing double! […]

New Report Recommends Insurance Coverage of Breastfeeding Support


We talk a lot here about the “booby traps” that prevent moms from meeting their breastfeeding goals, and lack of insurance coverage for lactation services is a big one. While most hospitals provide some degree of in-patient breastfeeding support, many insurance companies don’t cover lactation support after discharge, forcing new moms to pay out-of-pocket to […]