Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Find a DME that carries Hygeia Products?

We have a list of DMEs that carry Hygeia products here. If you need more information about how your insurance company might provide a breast pump to you, please read this guide. If you need help with insurance-specific questions, feel free to email us at

What makes a Hygeia pump different?

Thanks for asking! All of our pumps are designed to be used by multiple moms when each mom has her own Personal Accessory Set. This is known as a closed system pump. All of our pumps feature hospital-grade performance and they are all piston-driven. Our company is WHO Code compliant and our pumps can be sent back to us when you are done with the pump for recycling or reuse.

What should I do if I’m having trouble with my pump?

We have troubleshooting videos here on our site under each pump. Under PRODUCTS look for the model pump you are using and then scroll down under the photo and click on the VIDEO tab to see the videos for your model of pump. We also have the videos on YouTube and our Facebook page (click on the YouTube tab on the wall). If the videos don’t help with your issue, please contact us.

How often do I have to change the bacteriostatic filter on the EnJoye breast pump?

If moisture enters the tubes and enters the filter, it must be replaced.

How often do I need to replace other parts (tubing, valves, flanges, etc.)?

Every mom and every environment is different.  Moms needs to have spares on hand ahead of when needed, to have an uninterrupted breastfeeding experience, because going to a store in the middle of the night is not an acceptable solution!  To extend the life of your parts, hand wash in hot soapy water and do not place in the dishwasher or boil the parts. The FDA guide to cleaning parts is available here.

I’ve lost or damaged a part! How can I find a replacement?

Hygeia has hundreds of retailers throughout the country who carry replacement parts. Click here to find a local Hygeia retailer. You can also purchase replacement parts and accessories in our online store.

How do I know what flange size to use?

We have a video explaining flange size selection on our YouTube channel, as well as under the Flanges in our Spare Parts area of our site.

Properly fitting flanges are important for both comfort and efficient pumping. While pumping, your nipple should move freely in and out of the flange tunnel, and there should be no rubbing or sticking on the sides or back of the flange. All of your nipple should fit into the flange tunnel, and if you feel any nipple discomfort or pain while pumping, even on low suction, it is often a sign that you need a larger flange.

Some moms find that they need a different flange size on each breast and their sizing can change over time. Nipple blanching (turning white) at the base of the nipple while pumping is another indicator that your flange may be too small. Keep in mind that flange size is not related to your breast size, but rather the size of your nipples.

Some moms will experience nipple swelling while pumping, so it’s important to observe your nipples during a pumping session to check for correct flange sizing.

I’ve heard that personal breast pumps are not safe for sharing, what makes Hygeia pumps different?

Many breast pumps on the retail market are designated “personal use only,” meaning that they can only be used by one mother due to the risk of mold and viruses entering the pump. Hygeia pumps have barrier filter protection to prevent any cross-contamination (this is known as a closed system), and are designed to be used by multiple moms when each mom has her own Personal Accessory Set.

What’s the difference between the EnJoye EPS, EXT and LBI?

All three models of the EnJoye offer the same hospital-grade performance, one year warranty, and hospital-preferred piston technology.

  • The EnJoye EPS is our basic model, and comes with an external power supply and personal accessory set (PAS).
  • The EnJoye EXT includes a power supply, PAS, external battery pack (which uses AA batteries), and a stylish tote and cooler bag.
  • The EnJoye LBI comes with a PAS, power supply, tote and cooler bag, plus the added benefit of an internal rechargeable battery that provides up to four hours of pumping time.
  • All of our pumps feature hospital-grade performance, so no matter which model of pump you purchase or receive from your insurance company, your pump performs the same.

How are Hygeia’s breast pumps eco-friendly?

Hygeia’s electric breast pumps are designed with reusability and long-term use in mind and are registered as multi-user devices. After a mom is done with her pump, she can safely pass it on to a sister or a friend as long as each mom has her own Personal Accessory Set. Hygeia is also very proud to offer a pioneering recycling program, so our pumps don’t end up in landfills.

Do Hygeia pumps have “two phases”?

Hygeia pumps have fully independently adjustable speed and strength controls, so moms can find their most effective personal pumping setting. We know that every mom is different so our pumps are totally customizable to fit a mom’s personal preferences.

I’m concerned with phthalates and about BPA exposure; are Hygeia’s personal accessory sets and storage containers BPA-free?

Yes! All of Hygeia’s storage containers and parts that come in contact with breast milk have always been BPA/DEHP free.

What are Hygeia Personal Accessory Sets made of?

Our breast shields, storage containers, and any other Hygeia product that comes in contact with breast milk are made of BPA-free Polypropylene designed specifically for use in skin contacting conditions.

Where are your components and pumps made?

As for most companies, components for our products are made all over the world. Final assembly, QC, packaging, and labeling occurs in the USA.

Do you have a restocking fee?

Yes, we have a restocking fee of 15%.

When will my order be shipped after I place my order on

Your order will ship within 7-10 business days of receipt of the order and payment confirmation.

What is your standard shipping method?

Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground, but we can offer expedited shipping at the customer’s expense.