Get Your Green on This Week. No Pumps in Dumps!

Hygeia Enjoye LBI green eco-friendly breast pump

Hygeia’s Enjoye LBI — This is one eco-friendly, green breast pump!

Green. As in money, envy, environmental consciousness, Saint Patrick’s Day and Hygeia’s green breast pumps!

As we celebrate St Paddy’s Day this week, get your green on. Hygeia has the distinction of being a leader in recyclable breast pumps. The product line not only boasts quality pumps of better portability, but they also can be they can be rented, purchased and safely shared between mothers who use their own personal accessory kits. The ability to share a pump is safe, economical, practical and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Hygeia has a “Go Green Solution”. When a Hygeia consumer no longer needs her breast pump she can safely share it with another mom when she is done or return it to Hygeia for repurposing or recycling. In addition to fewer pumps in the dumps, the Hygeia EnJoye breast pump features an optional reusable lithium ion battery. This rechargeable battery will last for up to four hours of use, and is another green feature. Competitive breast pumps typically use multiple AA batteries that end up in landfills after use.

This commitment to the environment makes Hygeia breast pumps one of the “greenest” on the market.

As mothers, our carbon footprint is important to us. The ecology of breastfeeding and/or providing expressed breast milk has long been recognized. Author Dia Michels gives a breakdown in her landmark article “Is Breast Milk Green?”

It is hard to ignore the impact our daily habits have on our planet. Along with using truly ‘green’ products, we can minimize the waste we leave in our wake. Here are just a few ways I have recently changed my habits. Some are subtle and some are major. Either way, you can be greener with little effort!

• Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. According to blogger Erin Margolin: turning off the water while you brush your teeth can save up to eight gallons of water per day, 240 gallons per month! Ironically, this suggestion also came from daughter Erin, Queen of the 30 Minute Showers!
• Refuse plastic bags or wrapping. Use cloth bags for shopping (and keep them in the car for easy access).
• Your mother was right: unplug it. Even if it’s not on, it’s sapping energy. That means unplug that Chi, curling iron, and hairdryer. Laptops and cells too (Yikes!). This is a hard habit to learn.
• Use cold water for washing clothes.
• Nix bottled water and invest in a purifier or convenient reusable pitcher with a purifier and a thermos bottle (this was hard for me but now I love it).
• Consolidate geographically desirable errands. As mothers, this makes sense anyway!
• Buy fresh, buy local. Support your local vendors!
• If you aren’t using cloth diapers, consider diaper liners.
• Congratulate yourself on using a Hygeia green pump and having the ability to ‘safe’ share or recycle it!

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth”
Pamela Wiggins

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