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Hygeia Enjoye LBI green eco-friendly breast pump

Get Your Green on This Week. No Pumps in Dumps!


Green. As in money, envy, environmental consciousness, Saint Patrick’s Day and Hygeia’s green breast pumps! As we celebrate St Paddy’s Day this week, get your green on. Hygeia has the distinction of being a leader in recyclable breast pumps. The product line not only boasts quality pumps of better portability, but they also can be […]

Preparing for Pumping at Work


Who knew? A few years ago we could only dream of a federal law that would provide break time for breastfeeding or breast milk feeding mothers to pump or express at work. And then to have that followed by an IRS reversal to allow use of health savings account plans or medical tax deductions to […]

IBCLCs: Shaping the Future


March 2, 2011 is the 10th annual IBCLC Day, a global celebration of the important role of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants as part of the healthcare team. IBCLCs support breastfeeding families and serve as expert resources for other health care providers. This year’s theme, “IBCLCs: Shaping the Future” highlights the importance of breastfeeding to […]

Breastfeeding and Politics — A Tale of Two Michel(l)es


Once upon a time when Gabriele Palmer wrote “The Politics of Breastfeeding”  20 years ago, she was not alluding to Democrats, Republicans or members of the Tea Party. But what is considered a health issue by many experts became a partisan issue last week after First Lady Michelle Obama commented on the role of breastfeeding […]