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open system breast pumps vs closed system breast pumps

Open System Breast Pumps vs. Closed System Breast Pumps


Mothers, like you, know the value of cost of levitra breast milk. That is why it is handled with utmost care and why expressed human milk is stored in special containers and has certain storage and handling guidelines to protect your baby’s “most precious food”. Because every drop of breast milk is important to the link for you health of your […]

torn duckbill valvehygeia breast pump

Troubleshooting: How to Troubleshoot Your Hygeia Breast Pump Spare Parts


There’s almost nothing more frustrating than getting all set up to pump and then having a problem getting the pump to function properly. Narrowing down the problem to the right spare part and it's great! replacing it takes up valuable pumping time and ups your stress level — not optimal for milk making and letting down! We’ve […]