Using Facebook Interest Lists to Connect with Breastfeeding Supporters

Shhhh…don’t tell but often I check Facebook before I even get out of my bed in the morning (please tell me I’m not alone!). It has become a primary means of communication and, frankly, in this day and age, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a breastfeeding mother without it. A huge portion of my practice is working with moms that I’ve connected with online and most of those are coming to me through Facebook.

But, let’s face it. We are in information overdrive. That checking my Facebook in bed in the morning? It gets bookended with checking it when I’m in bed again at night. We live in an age of complete and unending access.  How do we sort through all that is out there and find the information and support that is helpful and not harmful? As breastfeeding mothers, how can we find the kind of support that will tell us “We Believe in You” instead of “You’re Doing It All Wrong”?

Facebook Interest Lists

A Facebook Interest List is a great way to connect with the kind of support you need in a meaningful way. Facebook recently launched these as a means to organize the deluge of information in your News Feed.  It’s kind of like a “channel” on Facebook where you decide what kind of information you’d like to have there.  Setting one up is easy!

1. Cruise down the column on the left hand side of your News Feed.  Depending on how you like to use Facebook, you might see sections titled “Favorites”, “Groups” and “Apps”. Find the one that says “Interests” and click “Add Interests”.

2. Next, you get to decide if you’d like to create your own list or subscribe to a list already created by someone else.  If you are interested in lists already being used, you can search for them in the “Search for lists…” box. Entering “breastfeeding” in this box pulls up quite a number of great lists, including my list called “I Heart Breastfeeding” and “Breastfeeding Pages” by Kate Gulbrason, Hygeia’s Social Media Manager. You can connect with these lists simply by clicking on the “Subscribe” button.

3.  Want to make your own list? It’s easy and a great way to tailor your list to your needs. Have a preemie? Add pages that build community with other moms walking the same road. Getting ready to go back to work? Find pages that address these challenges. To make your own list, just click the “Create List” button. Doing so will bring you to a pop-up page that looks like this:

You can  begin clicking on the pages that you would like to add to your Interest List. You will notice in the top left that the section for “Pages” is highlighted. After you have clicked on all of the pages you’d like included, you can then click on “Subscriptions” and “Friends” to add content from those kind of sources as well. When you are done, hit the “Next” button at the bottom of the box. Next, you’ll see a pop-up page like this:

Here, you have the opportunity to name your list and decide on who can see it and subscribe to it. When you have it how you’d like it, click “Done”. You’re all done! Now you can click on your list under “Interests” in your left hand side bar to see all kinds of great breastfeeding information located in one place.

So, when you’re looking for quality breastfeeding information and don’t want to sort through the latest football scores, updates from your 3rd grade boyfriend, and inspirational photos encouraging you to exercise, just utilize the Interest List Feature on Facebook.

What are your favorite Interest Lists to subscribe to? What pages are “must haves” on any great Breastfeeding Interest List?


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