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how to recycle your breast pump

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Why Hygeia Loves the Three R’s


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Every kid learns the Three R’s in elementary school, right? We’ve all become a lot more savvy about how to reduce our carbon footprint in recent years as we have started to focus on reducing our consumption of goods. Fortunately, Hygeia is committed to NO PUMPS in DUMPS™! Let’s keep our breast […]

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Troubleshooting: Milk Backing Up Into Tubes


Occasionally, we hear from moms that they’ve looked down while pumping and GASP! their precious milk was backed up into the tubes! No one wants to see milk where it shouldn’t be. Pumping is a lot of work without cleaning an extra piece of pump equipment, and the tubes need to be kept free of […]

will using my breast pump hurt?

Why Does Using My Breast Pump Hurt? Hint: It Shouldn’t!


OUCH! Are you feeling a bit like you’ve been hooked up to a vacuum cleaner after using your breast pump? Do you find the experience just a bit too intense or painful? Here are a few suggestions for making sure that pumping is a comfortable experience. Are you turning it up to the MAX? Many […]

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Hygeia Enjoye LBI

How to Care for Your Breast Pump


For many of the moms that I work with, their breast pump becomes an almost constant companion. They get schlepped from home to work to carpool lane to church to business trips and back home again. I had to giggle recently at this fantastic tweet from Carson Daly, bragging on his wife who, at 2 […]

Hygeia Enjoye LBI green eco-friendly breast pump

Get Your Green on This Week. No Pumps in Dumps!


Green. As in money, envy, environmental consciousness, Saint Patrick’s Day and Hygeia’s green breast pumps! As we celebrate St Paddy’s Day this week, get your green on. Hygeia has the distinction of being a leader in recyclable breast pumps. The product line not only boasts quality pumps of better portability, but they also can be […]