Support and Troubleshooting

We’re so sorry you’re having trouble with your pump!

We have several options to help:


We have troubleshooting videos here on our site under each pump description. Under PRODUCTS look for the model pump you are using and then scroll down under the photo and click on the VIDEO tab to see the videos for your model of pump. We also have the videos on YouTube and our Facebook page (click on the YouTube tab on the wall).

Troubleshooting Guides:

How to Troubleshoot Your Hygeia Pump & Spare Parts  – If you’re having a sudden loss of suction, it’s often one of the pieces of your Personal Accessory Set. Here’s how to figure out which one.

Troubleshooting Milk Backing Up Into Tubes

Contact Us:

If you’re unable to resolve the issue using our videos or troubleshooting guides, please contact us. When you contact us, please give us a phone number so we can phone you, if necessary. Our Customer Care department can be reached by phone at 714-515-7571 x 1, Monday-Friday.


Successful Pumping Guide

Q Troubleshooting Guide

EnDeare Troubleshooting Guide

EnJoye Troubleshooting Guide