How to Recycle Your Breast Pump

No Pumps In Dumps™

Did you know that several million breast pumps are sold each year in the US alone? The vast majority of those pumps are sold as single-user, disposable units. When you’re done with the pump, most are just thrown away.

how to recycle your breast pumpAt Hygeia, we believe that breast pumps don’t belong in landfills.

Hygeia was founded on the belief that a better system was needed. Not only should a breast pump be able to be used for more than one year but it should be able to be used by more than one mom.  Our pumps come with a one-year limited warranty and when you’re done with your Hygeia pump, you can give it to a friend or sell it and recoup some of your investment. Your friend just needs to purchase her own Personal Accessory Set (the parts that touch breast milk and the mom) and the pump is hygienic and safe for her to use.

How Do I Recycle My Breast Pump?

When you are finished with your pump, fill out the form below and we’ll send you information on how to send it back. Depending on the age and model of your pump, we might refurbish it and provide it to a mom in need or work with an agency that can accept used pumps. Since the concept of a non-disposable pump is new in the market, we’re working with more agencies every day that can accept used pumps.

If your pump can’t be refurbished and used by another mom for some reason, we will recycle the parts appropriately. We also recycle the parts we replace when you send your pump to us for service.