Hygeia Pinterest Contest Official Rules and Details, Enter to Win a Set of Eepples Milk Charms!

pinterest contest pin-01It’s time to have a little fun with all those storage containers you have lying around the house! Hygeia will be running a contest on Pinterest sponsored by Eepples and all you have to do is make an awesome design out of those storage containers.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Go to pinterest.com/hygeiababy and follow our boards

  • Create a design out of milk storage containers (this can be anything from a smiley face to a flower to a pyramid, the more creative the better!)

  • Take a picture of your design and post it to your own Pinterest page

  • Make sure to use #hygeiacontest and tag us @hygeiababy

  • A team of judges from Hygeia and Eepples will select three winners based on the following:

    • Creativity

    • Amount of storage containers used

    • Weight will be given based on number of “likes” pin receives

  • Hygeia will announce the winners on March 17th via our Facebook page as well as commenting on the winning pins

Contest will run February 26th – March 14th.

If you want to participate but do not currently have a Pinterst account and do not want to create one, you are welcome to post your entry on our Facebook Wall

Good luck, we look forward to seeing your designs!