Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Why Hygeia Loves the Three R’s

how to recycle your breast pumpReduce, Reuse, Recycle

Every kid learns the Three R’s in elementary school, right? We’ve all become a lot more savvy about how to reduce our carbon footprint in recent years as we have started to focus on reducing our consumption of goods. Fortunately, Hygeia is committed to NO PUMPS in DUMPS™! Let’s keep our breast pumps out of the landfills by reducing, reusing, and recycling!


One of the best ways to impact the health of our world is to simply use only the things we need. Nearly 4 million babies are born each year and, by our best estimates, more than 2 million breast pumps are sold to their families!  That’s a LOT of breast pumps, especially when you consider that many are used for only a short time. Because most pump companies have a strict “no return” policy, the moment the seal on the box is opened, the pump is yours forever, even if you quickly determine that it isn’t meeting your needs.

Reducing the number of pumps that aren’t being used for their intended purpose is an excellent way to combat the number of pumps in our landfills. Hygeia is strongly committed to making sure that their pumps are WHAT MOMS NEED (and not just hiding, unused, under a table).  They offer a Total Compatibility Guarantee that gives you the opportunity to exchange your pump for one that meets your needs (participating retailers only).


Did you know that the leading breast pump manufacturers have designated their pumps as “single user”, meaning that they are not to be shared between mothers? This sounds like a recipe for a lot of waste in our landfills. The concept of multiple mothers safely using the same pump isn’t new. Hospitals, for example, use pricey, powerful pumps on their floors which are designed for this kind of use.  Each mother receives a kit with all the parts and pieces that either touch her or her milk and, with excellent cleaning, these pumps glide from mother to mother. But, many of the pumps that are marketed directly to mothers aren’t equipped with the necessary engineering to make such sharing safe.

Fortunately, Hygeia breast pumps are designed in such a way that multiple mothers can use the same pump. They are committed to providing pumps to mothers in a way that minimizes their environmental impact and manufacturing them in a way that makes sharing safe. A special filter, designed to block milk from entering the pump, is on every professional- use pump. All that is necessary is for each mother to have their own Personal Accessory Set.


Did you know that when a pump is at the end of its life, you can send it back to Hygeia to be recycled? When a pump comes back to us, our employees closely examine it to see if it could be refurbished and any parts that require replacement are recycled. Depending on the age and model of your pump, we might refurbish it and provide it to a mom in need or work with an agency that can accept used pumps. Since the concept of a non-disposable pump is new in the market, we’re working with more agencies every day that can accept used pumps. If your pump can’t be refurbished and used by another mom for some reason, we will recycle the parts appropriately. We also recycle the parts we replace when you send your pump to us for service. Want to recycle your pump? Get more information here! 

Hygeia is committed to NO PUMPS in DUMPS™!

Would you join us?


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