Resources for Medications and Breastfeeding: There’s an app for that!

“My doctor prescribed me _____ drug; do I have to stop nursing?”  Almost every day we hear from moms who have questions about the safety of medications while breastfeeding. Fortunately there are some terrific resources for nursing moms who need evidence-based information, including a free helpline for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and brand new smartphone app from LactMed.

For many years Dr. Thomas Hale’s  Medications and Mother’s Milk has been the go-to reference guide for info on the safety of medications while breastfeeding.  With over 900 drugs and regular updates, this book is an excellent resource for moms and clinicians alike.

Under Dr. Hale’s guidance, Texas Tech University opened the InfantRisk Helpline in 2010 to answer questions directly from moms and health care providers. The InfantRisk Center new answers calls Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST at (806)-352-2519 on the use and safety of drugs during both pregnancy and lactation. Their helpline also offers help and resources for moms struggling with depression or chemical dependency.

The United States Library of Medicine offers another excellent resource through its searchable LactMed database on drugs and breastfeeding. We were thrilled to learn that they just released a free app for both iPhone and Android users. This new app gives information on drug safety for nursing moms, potential effects on lactation, as well as recommendations for alternative medications to consider.

We’re very glad to see these evidence-based resources gaining more visibility among health care providers and moms. Have you used any of these services? What was your experience?

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