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hygeia narrow mouth adapter ring

What Bottles are Compatible with Hygeia Flanges?


One of the most common questions here at Hygeia is what bottles are compatible with our flanges. We have compiled a chart with our test results. We have grouped the levitra available in india results into brands compatible with your Hygeia flanges directly, brands that are compatible using our Hygeia Narrow Mouth Adapter ring (sold separately from some accessory […]

Balance breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Book Recommendation: Balancing Breast and Bottle (and a GIVEAWAY!)


For many breastfeeding families, bottles are a regular part of their feeding routine. Whether the mother has returned to enter site work, other caregivers are participating in the feeding, or the baby has challenges that make feeding directly at the breast difficult, being aware of how to feed an infant from a bottle is an important skill. […]