Two Campaigns Taking a Fresh Approach to Breastfeeding Promotion

We love seeing creative ideas to promote breastfeeding, so we’re excited about two campaigns using social media and peer support to encourage breastfeeding.

The “Be a Star” campaign started in the UK in 2007 to increase breastfeeding rates among young moms.  According to their mission statement:

Be A Star is a social marketing campaign that promotes breastfeeding amongst young women by celebrating mothers who breastfeed as ‘stars’, whilst supporting them through the breastfeeding process, via peer support and improved understanding and acceptance of breastfeeding within the community.

The campaign turns young moms from local communities into “celebrities” on posters and radio ads to show breastfeeding as something that can be beautiful and glamorous.  It also connects moms to local peer support groups and provides online resources. During the first six months of the campaign, over 27,000 moms were connected with peer support services and breastfeeding initiation rates rose by 13% among moms under the age of 25.

We love the gorgeous simplicity of their latest video project, released this week:


The Every Ounce Counts Campaign from Texas WIC has created an interactive website with lactation support, information on legal rights, peer counseling and fun educational activities. One of our favorite parts of the site is a downloadable lullaby album with music in multiple languages.

Ads for the campaign were recently spotted on Facebook, so we’re hoping its positive message will soon reach more moms.



What do you think about these breastfeeding campaigns?  Do you think ads like these will encourage more moms to breastfeed?